Smoked Silver

J Type Smoked

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The heart of Japan cultivated by its history. Gorgeous and profound "SILVER" color. Japanese sensibility is alive in smoked roofing tiles, setting much value on placed tone of color, dignity of glorious silver color and texture of the material. The grace caused by profound silver suggests the traditional beauty of Japan.


Technical Data

  • Extra Color
  • While TOYO is proud to offer prompl delivery of our tiles, deilvery times may vary depending on the season. Please contact us to confirm before ordering.
  • The color on the screen may differ from the actual tiles. Samples availabe for final selection upon request.
  • Depending on the color, the price may change. For the further details, please contact us.
Actual length 350mm. Tolerance: +/- 4mm.
Actual width 350mm
Exposed length 235mm
Exposed width 265mm
Weight/PC. 2.7kg
Quantity/m2 16pcs./m2
Weight/m2 43.2kgs./m2