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Trad II

Both Old World Mediterranean and Contemporary Mediterranean style roofs can be colored beautifully with this genly rolling profile. The shape of two rolls and there are many colors are available "chic" tone, which lend a warmth and charm to the roofs.

It is light, 2.6kg per tile, and has good construction performance. It can improve the efficiency of the work. It has dirt prevention coating, alga prevention coating, soakman prevention coating and NOX resolution coating.oa And all these coating is done for the first time in the tile industry. Less waste tile is realized by fixing Kawara-keijo. Sodegawara(Hafu) and Munegawara is used as Yakugawaraa

The interlocking design of the system superior in regards to wind-resistance. This advanced locking system provides not only strong wind-resistance but greater durability than non-interlocking tile systems.

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Technical Data

  • Natural color shading inherent to fire-flash glaze.
  • While TOYO is proud to offer prompl delivery of our tiles, deilvery times may vary depending on the season. Please contact us to confirm before ordering.
  • The color on the screen may differ from the actual tiles. Samples availabe for final selection upon request.
  • Depending on the color, the price may change. For the further details, please contact us.
Actual length 350mm. Tolerance: +/- 4mm.
Actual width 320mm
Exposed length 295~315mm
Exposed width 280mm
Weight/PC. 2.6kg
Quantity/m2 11.3~12.1pcs./m2
Weight/m2 29.4~31.5kgs./m2