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Urban 40

Modern society is continuing to demand individuality and diversifed fasion in the design of new bulidings. We belive that our new Flat type tile "TOYO Urban 40"; will meet that need. Irrespective of what style or design your house may be, the tile will add great charm and originality, compliementing its appearance. Compared to usual Flat type tiles, our light weight tile improves installation effeciency while increasing thermal capabilites and the design has improved performance against any disaster, adding value and safety to your building


  • Elegance
    The raised edges of the tile flow to the next tile creating a delicate and even finish to the roof which is pleasing to the eye.
  • Flexible Installation
    The neat simple design of the tile allows flexibility when fixing against a wall or roof edge.
  • Light Weight
    The light weight of the tile allows a flexibility of 40kg/m2 when fixing against a wall reduction in weight or roof edge. This offers more flexibility than other flat type tiles.


Picture Name & Description
Products/Toyo/Urban 40/Accessories/Accessories Half Titles Accessories half titles
Coverage: 3;57 pieces per meter run
Products/Toyo/Urban 40/Accessories/sC11
Products/Toyo/Urban 40/Accessories/Accessories Right Titles Accessories left titles
Coverage: 3;57 pieces per meter run
Products/Toyo/Urban 40/Accessories/Syntexhighlighting Accessories right titles
Coverage: 3;57 pieces per meter run
Products/Toyo/Urban 40/Accessories/Accessories 01 Accessories 01
Gable tiles coverage; 3.57 pcs per meter run
Products/Toyo/Urban 40/Accessories/sC09
Products/Toyo/Urban 40/Accessories/Accessories 02 Accessories 02
Gable corner left/right tile
Products/Toyo/Urban 40/Accessories/Accessories 03 Accessories 03
Ridge tile coverage
Products/Toyo/Urban 40/Accessories/sC10
Products/Toyo/Urban 40/Accessories/Accessories 04 Accessories 04
Ridge end
Products/Toyo/Urban 40/Accessories/sC07
Products/Toyo/Urban 40/Accessories/Accessories 06 Accessories 06
Hipend (starter)
Products/Toyo/Urban 40/Accessories/sc08
Products/Toyo/Urban 40/Accessories/Accessories 05 Accessories 05
3-way cappling