Old Town Coloured
Copper Brown
Red Engobed
Natural Red

Euro 2000

Euro 2000 double groove interlocking tiles

Wanting profile. Wanting clear shapes.

Having enough leeway.

Products/Jungmeier/Euro 2000/1

Copper Brown

  • Only approx. 11.8 units/m² - a real large-area tile.
  • Two lateral grooves – more safety.
  • Remarkable leeway in the crown groove, approx. 5.0 cm!
  • Can be laid in rows or groups.
  • Suitable for low-cost renovation of old concrete, asbestos and tile roofs.

Technical Data

Technical Data:
Tiles per m2 (approx.): 11.8 - 13.6
Covering length in cm (approx.): 31.5 - 36.5
Medium covering length (approx.): 34.0
Covering width in cm (approx.): 23.3
Size in cm (approx.): 27.5 x 43.0
Weight in kg/m2 (approx.): 50.7
Unit/palette: 240
Mean roof pitch: 22°