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The ins and outs of the KARTHAGO tile

A tile of mediterranean style - eye catching !

  • Deep grooves
  • Excellent weather –proof at the four-tile edge
  • No mortaring necessary
  • High weight per unit –high security against storms
  • Complete accessories
  • Products/Jungmeier/Karthago/2

KARTHAGO tiles are pantiles with horizontal partition seam that combines a new interlocking technique with the most straightforward laying methods. The extremely prominent joints, which form an uncomplicated straight line, produce alternating fissures and alrge internal cavities, known as fluidic seal. This kind of seal provides the KARTHAGO with a large amount of head-groove play of approx. 10 mm, which in turn makes it possible to vary the covering length between approx. 33.0 and 34.0 cm when laying, depending on requirements. This means that existing battens can be used without any alternations having to be carried out. In certain circumstances, existing rafters do not even have to be shortened or lengthened. This makes the KARTHAGO the dieal roofing tile for renovations and roof replacement.

Although there is a lot of headgroove play, this is not a disadvantage, in contrast to other pantiles of a similar design, since there are no visual alterations in the convex section, no matter whether the head end is butted or drawn. Of particular significance for the tile's tightness is the web on the interlocking joint towards the head end. This is itself covered by a rib on the underside of the joint at the bottom of the next tile, so that the four-tile corner bond is sealed hermetically. In addition, there is a stacking point on the web that prevents slanted packs of tiles sliding from the roof. In the case of steeper roofts, the elegantly undulating KARTHAGO tile can be used to maximum architectural effect. However, the innovative interlocking system and the flat middle plane also make it possible to use KARTHAGO tiles on very low-pitched roofs with furring. This modern "historial" tile is complemented by a select range of special tiles.

To sum up, we can say that thanks to the application of the latest technical design principles, the KARTHAGO tiles is easy to lay and still interlocks tightly. This tile is a technically perfect solution for attractive, modern roof designs that retain their charm.


A Mediterranean style of tile — eye-catching!

  • Deep grooves
  • Excellent weather-proofing at the four-tile edge
  • No mortaring necessary
  • High weight per unit — high security against storms

Technical Data

Technical Data:
Dimensions approx. 42,4 X 26,2
Tiles per m2 approx. 13,9 - 14,5
Covering length in cm approx. 33,0 - 34,5
Covering width in cm approx. 20,9
Weight per kg approx. 3,9 kg
Weight per m2 in kg approx. 54,2 - 56,6 kg
Minimum rafter pitch without roofing underlayer approx. 20°
Minimum rafter pitch with underlayer approx. 18°
Minimum rafter pitch with rain proof membrane approx. 16°
Nailing hole 1
Side groove 1
Flexibility approx. 1,5
Batten requirements/m2 3
Batten section in cm 3 x 5 or 4 x 6
Mini-pack contents 5 units
Contents per Euro-pallet 200 units

Ridge tile dimensioning


Karthago Tile Accessories 01

Verge tile left, without verge board.

Coverage: 3 pcs per meter run.

Karthago Tile Accessories 02

Verge tile right, without verge board.

Coverage: 3 pcs per meter run.

Karthago Tile Accessories 03

Verge board, ceramic end plate, for 01 and 02.

Approx. 11.2 x 34.5 x 2.1 cm.

Coverage: 3 pcs per meter run.

Karthago Tile Accessories 04

Double pantile.

Karthago Tile Accessories 05

Ridge-connection/vent. tile Ventilation section approx. 10cm2/unit.

Karthago Tile Accessories 9

Vent with 30cm²/ea crossection, DIN 4108/3.

Karthago Tile Accessories 10

Eaves tile.

Karthago Tile Accessories 14

Ridge tile No. 1

(min. gauge approx. 3 tiles/running metre; cover width approx. 19.7cm)

Karthago Tile Accessories 15/16

Ridge tile starting and end tile, matches No. 1 with flush or extended connecting plate.

Karthago Tile Accessories 16/17

16 - Unversal shed roof verge tile

17 - Unversal shed roof end tile

Approx. 3 ea/running metre.

Karthago Tile Accessories 21

Shed roof tile.

Karthago Tile Accessories 26

Ridge tile No. 2(min. guage approx. 2,5 tiles/running metre; cover width approx, 19,8 cm).

Karthago Tile Accessories 27

Ridge tile No.2(min. gauge approx. 2.5 tiles/running metre; cover width approx, 19.8cm)

Karthago Tile Accessories 27 a/b

Start/End ridge, suitable for No. 2, with flush or long plate.

Karthago Tile Accessories 28

3-way-capping, for ridge tiles no. 2, use with roof pitch of appox. 20 - 40 degrees.

Karthago Tile Accessories 42

Karthago acrylic glass transparent through tile. Coverage: 14 pcs per meter square.

Karthago Tile Accessories 45

Bird grill PVC, h = 10cm, in 5 m rolls.

Karthago Tile Accessories 46

Eaves ventilation com, PVC, height 6 cm, per running metre.

Lehmann Metal Skylight

Metal skylights for roof tiles, shingles and corrugated roofing.

Karthago Outlet vent system Clay 100/125 mm (incl. flexible pipe with reduction DN 100/125 mm)