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Mondo L 42

Large and cost-effective!

Ideal shape at an economic price !

  • Approx. only 10.9 units per m2 !
  • Double side grooves - double security
  • Great flexibility at the head groove – approx. 2.0 cm
  • Layable in line and half - bond
  • Complete accessories
  • Products/Jungmeier/Mondo L42/3

Innovation has always been high on the list of priorities at JUNGMEIER. With MONDO L 42 we have developed a largesize interlocking tile that is particularly suitable for low-cost retiling of roofs with a batten of approx. 36.4 to 38.4 cm. This development is backed by over 180 years of JUNGMEIER roofing tile experience. The MONDO L 42 is a pressed roof tile, designed and developed by Michael Christian Ludowici and is available in six trend colours. All colours naturally take historical monument and conservation aspects into account. Two unusually deep side interlocks with integrated rain water runoff at the lower end let rain drain off no matter how the roof is tiled. The side interlocks inhibit rain from dripping under the tiles and keep moisture out of the substructure. The particularly tight-closing all-round raised edges make the MONDO L 42 particularly suitable for exceptionally low pitched roofs. The symmetric, angular profile blends in well with any roofing ambience. The Range of predominantly ceramic material-based accessories ideally complement this JUNGMEIER product.

  1. 1.) Double, high side interlock
  2. 2.) Water drain
  3. 3.) Nail hole
  4. 4.) Area of movement
  5. 5.) Profile comparable to the classic double trough interlocking title
Products/Jungmeier/Mondo L42/1

Advantages over advantages!

The JUNGMEIER MONDO L 42 double depression interlocking tile offers a range of benefits:

  1. It is one of the biggest large-size interlocking tiles available - only 10.9 to 11.4 tiles per sqm.
  2. Two deep, regular full-length side interlocks - no knuckles, no steps.
  3. Can be laid using either seriated or imbricated roofing styles - for greatest possible packing density.
  4. Longitudinal movement range of up to 2.0 cm.
  5. The silhouette resembles the classic double trough interlocking tile.
  6. Successfully wind tunnel tested at the Stromungsmechanisches Institut for fluidic testing in Nuremberg.
  7. Each tile comes furnished with a nail hole - for alternative security against wind undertow.
  8. Supplied in minipacks of 5 tiles per pack - thus reduced risk of breakage and extremely easy to handle.

The tile is impermeable to water but can breathe. This is the decisive advantage of all pure clay roof tiles: moisture can escape but not ingress. As a result of this the frame therefore always remains dry, provided the roof ventilation has been installed properly. In addition to the high heat storage capabilities in comparison to other hard roofing materials, the material properties of clay roof tiles ensure that the climatic conditions within the roof area remain constant, both in summer and winter. The high resistance to breakage ensures that the roof areas can be walked. The scale-like arrangement of the roof tiles compensates any movement of the roof structure. Damaged roof tiles can be changed without any difficulties and can be localized immediately. A roof covered with MONDO L 42 tiles offers excellent fire safety. The fact that no significant roof maintenance expenses are required represents a further advantage.


Ideal shape at an economic price!

Products/Jungmeier/Mondo L42/2
  • Approx. only 10,9 units per m2
  • Double side grooves - double security
  • Great flexibility at the ehad groove - approx. 2,0 cm
  • Layable in line and half-bond


Technical Data

Technical Data:
Dimensions approx. 45.8 x 28.4
Tiles per m² approx. 10.9 - 11.5
Covering length in cm approx. 36.4 - 38.4
Covering width in cm approx. 23.9
Weight per unit in kg approx. 4.2 kg
Weight per m² in kg approx. 45.8 - 48.3 kg
Minimum rafter pitch without roofing underlayer approx 25°/22°
Minimum rafter pitch with roofing underlayer approx 22°/20°
Minimum rafter pitch with rain-proof membrane approx 20°/18°
Nailing hole 2
Side grooves 1
Flexibility in cm approx. 2.0
Batten requirements/m² approx. 2.6 - 2.8
Batten section in cm 3 x 5 or 4 x 6
Mini-pack contents 5 units
Contents per Euro-pallet 240 units


Mondo L42 Accessories 01

Verge tile, left, one piece, with extended verge section.

Coverage: 2.75 pcs per meter run.

Mondo L42 Accessories 02

Verge tile, right, one piece, with extended verge section.

Coverage: 2.75 pcs per meter run.

Mondo L42 Accessories 03

Double pantile

Mondo L42 Accessories 04

Half Tile.

Coverage: 2.75 pcs per meter run.

Mondo L42 Accessories 05

Low profile vent tile, ventilation cross section: approx. 25 cm²/ea., DIN 4108/3.

Mondo L42 Accessories 9

Flexible connection hose, L50 cm, approx. 10cm, with removable reduction piece, 100/70 mm, suitable for 07

Mondo L42 Accessories 15/16

Ridge tile starting end tile, matches No. 1 with flush or extended connecting plate.

Mondo L42 Accessories 16/17

16 - Unversal shed roof verge tile

17 - Unversal shed roof end tile

Approx. 3 ea/running metre.

Mondo L42 Accessories 18

18 Ridge tile No 1 (cover length approx 3 pieces/running metre) 18a/b Start and end ridge tile with flush or long plate

Mondo L42 Accessories 21

Universal hip crown, suitable for ridge tile No 1,3-way. Installation with roof pitches between 12-45 degree, may require modification.

Mondo L42 Acrylic Transparent Through Tile
Lehmann Metal Skylight

Metal skylights for roof tiles, shingles and corrugated roofing.

Mondo L42 Outlet Vent System

Clay 100/125 mm (incl. flexible pipe with reduction DN 100/125 mm)