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Ceipo V Interlocking Tile

The Old V-Tile and the Old Roofing System

The old V-Tiles which serve as the primary roof of the old system, are placed directly on the flat battens or laid over corrugated asbestos roofing sheets. These detailings often cause the tile to slide down or be uplifted by the wind, resulting in disalignment of the tiles or an opening on the roof.

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The New Improved Ceipo Historical V-Interlocking Tile & Roofing System

Developed from a century-old knowledge, the Ceipo Historical V-Interlocking Tile is extremely valuable in answering the refined aesthetic needs of the Singaporean housing requirement. The Ceipo Historical V-Tile has a unique grip interlocking feature that ensures the tile stays locked and aligned even in adverse wind conditions. In the new roof system, the tiles are placed over a primary V-Tile steel decking which is profiled to take the shape of the tile. Together with the stainless steel hooks and V-Tile steel clip bracket, these features make a more stable and long-lasting roof.

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Technical Data


Coverage/sqm: 110pcs/sqm
Overall Length: 215mm
Overlapping: 90mm
Exposed Surface 125mm
Front Width: 120mm
Rear Width: 80mm
Front Height: 65mm
Rear height: 40mm
Thickness: 10mm
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